Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rabbits, the end of the world.

Ok, to explain that logic, I'm watching Day After Tomorrow. Day After Tomorrow=Jake Gyllenhall=Donnie Darko=giant rabbits.. See, a giant rabbit could make any movie worth watching. I have a feeling the reason I loved Donnie Darko was not so much because of the issues it raised about time travel, mental powers etc, but just because it had a giant rabbit in it.

North was also a great movie - not only Bruce Willis and a giant rabbit - Bruce Willis WAS the giant rabbit. Celluloid perfection. Now imagine Die Hard with a giant rabbit. Excellent. Lord of the Rings. Elves are over-rated. Giant rabbits would have rocked. AI. Demolish the entire movie, run footage of a giant rabbit doing anything for the whole tedious 17 hours, and I would have felt a hell of a lot less like burning the cinema down.


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