Monday, February 06, 2006

Things that make me happy.

Because, idiots aside, I'm the happiest bunny. And here in no particular order are the things that contribute to my mojo..

My family - of course that's an obvious one, but I love them so much and no-one makes me laugh until I want to throw up quite like they do..

My job, my students, my co-workers - really, is it ok to get paid for laughing that much every day?

Bleach - the manga, the anime, the pencil case. When I grow up I want to be Ichigo. Despite being a girl. Hey, I can pull off funky coloured hair and a ridiculously arsey attitude anytime, foo..

Deathnote - I've only just started reading this but I'm a fan. Because when all the thinking gets too hard, I can just think, who is cuter? Hot psychopath Light? Cutesy scrunchy hunched up L? Mad bug-eyed Ryuuk? Today I'm in an L mood. Just because he sits like me.

Monday night TV 1 - HeyHeyHey, Downtown being responsible for teaching me Kansai ben..akan! (yeah that's probably all I learnt)

Monday night TV 2 - Kissya "Dude, she admits she's cheated on you with 1500 hundred people during the 2 weeks you've been dating and STILL you take her back??! " Watching cute people get screwed over shouldn't be fun, but hell I watch it happen to me week in week out, so it's kind of reassuring to know there are others out there..

Monday night TV 3 - SMAPSMAP. the cooking I can take or leave, but the sketches are just too much..from memory (so please correct me if it turns out I've dreamed any of this) the spaceman in ancient Egypt..the small Nakai-kun in Goro's head that tries to help him out of tough situations by getting him to act like a freaked out monkey..the power ranger ripoff where they tried to attack each other with flowers..

Monday night TV 4 - ainori, responsible for all the Japanese I know. Just wish everyone in real life came with subtitles.

And today, finding myself in a post on Ricks very cool blog. Thanks dude! But now I owe you even more drinks..argh.. check out his blog here, written in a language that makes sense, about stuff that's cool..when I grow up I'm gonna be Ichigo, and my blog's gonna be like that..


  • Wow, I'm influential! Could it be that I motivated you to post at least once in English?? Woohoo!

    Anyways, I'm a Bleach fan too. Although I only download the anime and never read the manga. I cannot believe that Ichigo achieved bankai in such a short amount of time. And now that he's so darn powerful, back on Earth he doesn't seem all that awesome.
    Other show you should watch: London Hearts. Good stuff.

    By Anonymous Rick, at 1:10 AM  

  • I'm so glad to find another Bleach fan! The manga is pretty cool at the moment, can't wait till the anime catches up - although I haven't seen any of the filler arc yet, maybe that's rocking too..

    And Ichigo achieved his Bankai pretty quick, but has he achieved it properly? Will he join the vaizards? Why does he look so much like Kaien? What's the deal with Isshin and Urahara? Kubo sensei, draw faster!!

    Thanks for the recommendation too, I'll check it out!

    By Blogger me, at 10:48 PM  

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