Sunday, February 26, 2006


Do you ever get the feeling that some people are just put here to annoy you? I know someone who's not quite a friend, not a boyfriend, probably just someone I meet every so often who then annoys me immensly. Once a month, or every 2 months he'll call and invite me on a date. Me, having too much free time, usually agrees and goes along. Now our first few dates were great. His groping was verging on desperation, but luckily I'm a fast runner. I was stupid enough to think it might actually be going somewhere, when he just vanished off the radar. And I'm not very good at chasing people when they do this - I just figure if they were interested they wouldn't vanish. So I file them in "brain cells to lose when drunk" and move on.

But then he appeared again, and some part of my brain (probably the bit killed by alcohol) thought "why not? what harm could a date do?" Cue me in mild shock in a restaurant, trying to steer the conversation away from..suicide. Nice conversation killer, there..(no pun, really, I don't have the mental strength). The thought that I should run was soon overshadowed by the thought that, as the date got longer and more torturous, that maybe faking some mental disorder and the resultant suicide would be my only escape. Who knows, maybe he was doing the same and hoping I'd get the hint and leave。苦笑。 So we end the date on a promise he's not going to leave it 2 months to call again, we will go out again very very soon. I say ok, but mean "I'm changing my phone number as we speak."

So, 2 months later he gets in touch again. Oh, I really didn't see that coming. *rolls eyes* Says, lets get together sometime. Me, responds with full-body shudder, hides under the bed. But stupid stupid me, gets bored. I have a free evening and call him up. Yes, he's free. What time? 6?I offer..only to be hit with "ok..oh wait, I'm sick, I can't come." (there was, probably a 6 second gap between asking what time and saying he was sick, for those of you thinking he may have been struck down by a fast-moving virus. Well, maybe he was, but I have no sympathy)


at what point did you forget you were sick? Or are you such a phenominally bad liar that you din't even realise how little sense that made?

Ok, I'm giving this guy a hard time, but it's my own fault for not giving up, really. I just have this stupid part of my brain, you know, the part that thinks it's fun to throw yourself down vertical drops on a bmx bike..but mentally. Bless those kamikaze love games..


  • You need to ask them how handy they are with a bowstaff ? are there many gangs where they live ? you have to make these boys show you their skills. Dont settle for anything less than quincy level archey or at the very least the crazy smelly one in Seven Samurai (Kurosawa). Hope my adive is taken seriously.... by the way im pretty handy with a bow staff!! and i got kicked out of my gang for being too hardcore !!!
    Take it easy Boulf

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 AM  

  • Hey, how could I fail to take that advice seriously?? You raise a fantastic point, and one that I can't believe I missed. *smacks forehead* But Quincys are just a bit..I don't know..quincy? Sewing..meh. I'd rather go for a guy who can handle a throbbing zanpakuto..I need a guy who can Bankai!

    By Blogger me, at 10:13 PM  

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