Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kamikaze Love Games - Revisited

*sigh* You think I'd give up, really. I'm vaguely intelligent, sometimes, I don't fall over so much while getting dressed or anything, so what is it about this guy that makes me a moron? For "this guy" read "odd suicide guy" of two posts below.
Yes, readers, I am enough of a moron to go back for more. Well, he seemed cute ok? And it was going really really well for a while. Seriously, he was saying the right things, and not making me want to strangle him. Or myself. Bonus. Until tonight.

I mailed him yesterday to see if he wanted to meet me today. No reply. Now, for the average intelligent girl, that would be enough of a hint. But not for me, oh no! *unfurls kamikaze love game official cape* I mail him again tonight, "Feel like coming over?" but he replies with "I'm tired, so I'll give it a miss."


you what now?

You'll give me a miss, because you're tired? Meeee? but you haven't seen me for 2 weeks!! *wounded pride curls up sobbing in the corner* So, I guess I got fed up of only meeting him once every so often, that fact that it was blatantly obvious he was hardly beating the door down to see me, pretty much all the evidence was stacked against me.

But I'm not one to go down without a fight. So, I mail back "Ok, have a good rest. By the way I really like you. I have to tell you else it's going to irritate me. Am I wasting my time?"

I'm still waiting for a reply.

やれやれ    笑

I really meant that too. All parts of it. I really really like this guy, and I really really don't want him to waste my time, as there are thousands of fish in the sea. What is wrong with a straight answer? How could he think it would be more difficult to hear the truth than to wait and wait for something that's not going to happen?

Is he spineless?
Was I too pushy?
Will I be stupid enough to date him again??

Answers on a postcard..


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