Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On issuing a painful retraction.

See: "Kamikaze Love Games - Revisited."

Ok, so I was wrong.

Ouch, that is painful to say! So I over-reacted, and he was neither spineless nor irritating. In fact, he was..just great.. and I feel like a complete prick. (Luckily, that isn't an unusal feeling, so I think I'll be fine)

And I will definitely be stupid enough to date him again because I really really like him (hence the anger) it's just the thought of falling in love and the gut wrenching pain it involves makes me want to hide under my bed and not come out until I've properly scared him away. Like the giant prick I am.


  • There once was a tiger striped cat. This cat died a million times and was reborn a million times... and was owned by various people who he didn't care for. The cat wasn't afraid to die... One day the cat was a free cat, a stray cat. He met a white female cat, and they spent their days happily together. Years passed by, and the white cat died of old age. The tiger striped cat cried a million times, and then died. It never came back to life...
    Sadly all we can do is die.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:37 AM  

  • How can you say that? everyone knows that tiger striped cats are immortal, and the love gods of the cat world. Besides, the white cat didn't die of old age, it was just having a realy long sleep because it was worn out from beating the tiger striped cat at video

    So you're wrong. All we can do is be grateful for the fun we had and all the fun we're going to have.

    By Blogger me, at 12:06 PM  

  • I believe that story is called 百万回生きたネコcorrect? My school did an adaptation of that for a school play. I was a hack magician that chopped that little kitty in half. Good times man. (^_^)

    Regarding your situation though. Are you sure this dude is even single? And if you are, how sure are you? Cause like they say, love is blind... and all kinds of bad stuff can go wrong when it comes to dating a foreign guy in Japan.

    By Anonymous Rick, at 11:49 AM  

  • えええええ??
    Expand, Rick, expand! what kind of bad stuff? Why is it ok then for western guys to date japanese girls, but not so good for western girls to date japanese guys? Maybe I'm reading you completely wrong, if so..sorry!! But I'm intrigued.. :)

    am i sure he's single? no way.
    am i sure he's worth the effort? no way. so, fair is fair.

    By Blogger me, at 12:21 AM  

  • The dude you're into is Japanese? Well, that's a little better I guess.

    I just think dating foreign guys are dangerous because we have like an automatic 300% boost in popularity when we get here, so chances of finding dude that isn't dating multiple people might be slim.

    The downside is that even if you avoid dating foreign guys in Japan, dating Japanese men isn't much better either because they're all unromantic workaholics that feel like their women should just be obedient.

    Huge stereotypes I know...but in my opinion all half true.

    By Anonymous Rick, at 1:36 PM  

  • ah - I did completely misunderstand you! Sorry! Yeah, I wish I got a noticeable 300% boost in guys are so lucky!

    I don't know how true your stereotypes are, but if I have to be obedient to get a good guy, then I am going to be single for a looooooong time!

    But there are really really lovely japanese guys out there.. I promise!

    By Blogger me, at 11:17 PM  

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