Tuesday, May 23, 2006

1 year?! Holy cow..


Just for Takoyaki-san!

Just for Takoyaki-san and Mini Takoyaki-chan!
Enjoy the cuteness, and best of luck over the next few months!

Happy Birthday, Heterosexual Life Partner!

Do you have a Heterosexual Life Partner? I'm sure you do.. I couldn't imagine life without mine. You know who they are are if you have them. Not just a drinking partner, but a hangover cure. The person who understands your sense of humour when all others have given up and hit you with a large plank of wood. The person who deals with you best when you're stressed - often by doing impressions of your "Rage Face" at you till you can't help laughing. The person who knows all your faults and loves you anyway. You meet them and just know you're going to be friends with them your whole life. In a completely heterosexual way, of course.

The best thing about an HLP is their complete and brutal honesty. Want to know if your ass looks fat in those jeans? Look for your HLP..they're the ones quickly knocking up a sign saying "Wide Load Passing". Want to know if your new boy/girlfriend makes the grade? See how long it is before your HLP sets fire to their hair.

An average conversation with my HLP runs something like this..

Me "I had a pretty weird night last night."
HLP "Really? I thought you were with me all night.."
Me "Yeah..but when you were talking to Donut (sexy female friend of ours) I had a really strange thing happen.."
HLP "You realised you were gay and burning with jealousy becaue she was talking to me and not you?"
Me "Yes, that's exactly it. Does that bother you?"
HLP "No, you homo."


Me to HLP, or HLP to me on any random day

"Damn, your life sucks. I'd hate to be you."

And on such nuggets of anger and cynicism are the best friendships born. When she leaves Japan, I will be lost. :(

And I'll finish with my boyfriend and his HLP's conversation.

Boyf "Me and Theodore, we love each other"
Boys HLP, Theo "Yeah, he's the best. I love him. But not in a gay way, ok? Never even seen his penis. He might not even have one. But if he did, it would be the best penis in the world!"


and, equally, ewww.

Happy Birthday Sara! Love you to bits!!

(no touching)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Making Mondays bearable..

is 山P. I'm still housebound, so I took the time to work out how to upload photos. OK, so it's not rocket science..*smacks own forehead*

ちなみに、just the other day I was talking to a (n English) friend, who confessed to me, "Y'know, I just don't get Japanese guys. I mean, I don't find them so attractive.." I was intrigued. You see, I have trouble walking down the street most days..usual sequence,

*walks down road, enjoying sunshine. Catches sight of hot guy. Walks headfirst into lampost*
repeat throughout day. And I live in a pretty small town, which does make me wonder if I'm too easily pleased. Anyway, I digress. Back to the point, if I can show my friend the hotness that makes me fall over every day, I'll be happy. Hence YamaP.


Gintama's Gintoki. Ok, ok, so he's not real, but sometimes that's an advantage.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Update, damn you!

The sexy Fobster just doesn't update enough for my liking. If I never find out what happened after the gay moment then the morphing, I fear I may go crazy. Visit, and see if he doesn't turn you ambiguously gay too..


ほんとに、ア然とした。 笑えるぐらい悲しかった。

仕事が始まる前に、近くにある病院に行って。。(もしろん、歩いていった。 痛くて、普通に2分の距離が、その日、15分かかった。) お医者さんとの診察が終わって、 「とりあえず仕事休んでください」って言われた。 診察室を出って、会社の方が私を待っていた。 「あ!Nat! 支払いが終わったら、私、会社までおくってあげるわ!」っていってくれた。 やさしい~!と思ってたけど、状態の説明しようとしたら、(つまり、仕事休まなきゃいけない) すぐ。。なんか。。違和感になってしまった。 

「そっか」 仕事の方は行った。で、出ていった。

私、どうやって帰るの?? 会社まではおくってくれるけど、傷がひどすぎ、仕事できないなら、まあ、自分で帰れ!てわけ?? 会社の方の優しさにいつもありがたいけど、それは。。私の立場わかってくれないの?その傷は別に重手じゃない、でも、ほんとに怖いですよ。家族から離れて、お医者さんの言葉ちゃんとわからないこともあったし、怖くて仕方ない。 


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Missing the little things.

Well, following my usual clumsy trend, I fell over and broke myself. I struggled through 2 intensely painful days at work, spent literally sobbing with pain and inventing new swear words to describe the suckiness of my own clumsiness and me not being allowed any time off work.

Anyway, after going to hospital again today, the doctor declared me unfit to work. I like to think because of my injury, not the inherent stupidity that sustaining the injury involved..but I'm not 100% sure. Anyways, he's confined me to bed for 3 days. 3 whole long bleak days.. I've been in bed 3 hours and I'm already bored out of my tiny brain. What to do? Well, why not cheer yourself up by thinking about all the things you're missing out on? I thought to myself. Just great.

Of course, work. Today is my longest day, but it's also the day when I spent at least 4 straight hours laughing. With my students, not at them.. I miss them. So, guys, skive school today! Come and hang out at my place! ;)

Not being in pain. I miss this a lot. I'm not incredibly badly injured or anything, but it's still ridiculously painful. And bloody. And bleeding internally. Meh. Even my blood is antisocial.

My ex-boyfriends wedding reception. Yes, I'm was lucky enough to get invited to my ex's wedding in the ex I broke up with last summer, he's marrying the girl he cheated on me head is just spinning with the giant mess that is. Although, he's a great guy (aside from the cheating and stuff) and I wish him all the best and huge amounts of happiness and a happy healthy baby! Yup, they're having a baby..aww.. *goes all broody*

Visiting the new boyf. I'm a fan of long distance relationships. He not only lives a long looooog way away, fulfilling one importnt criteria, but is also the cutest, coolest, sweetest, sexiest guy, and for some inexplicable reason, likes me too. Which fulfills most of the other criteria. In fact, the only things he's lacking are ninja skills and .. crap, I really can't think of anything else! Anyways, I'm broken, so I can't go and see him. Ah well. I'm thinking of making a mid week escape from Sleepsville, Rural Land to visit him who lives in a proper city, with fun stuff.

Banana Choco Frappuccino. Sundays=day off=meeting friends (most notably the excellent, cute, comedy genius, bicyle fixing, broken heart mending Sara) and laughing hard enough to squirt coffee from my nose. Squirting coffee through your nose at home, alone, is just not so much fun.

*sigh* please feel free to post a comment, joke or ingenious way of killing time for me, and I will love you forever (from a distance, no touching)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good Site

Found a great site the other day, if you're a fan of online dictionaries definitely check it out. It's based on the excellent WWWJDIC, and most of it's kanji lookup is based on that. However, it also includes a great sentence look-up option, and a wild card system, in case you need to check a word but aren't sure of the spelling. Anyway, definitely worth a look.


最近、coincidenceということが多い。たとえば、日本語を勉強してたとき、難しい言葉に出会った。「踵」という漢字。 辞書調べたけど、載ってなかった。。(実は、載ってても、気づかなかったかな) ムカついてあきらめた。 じゃあ、本読も!と思って、「Orange Days」 を手にして、読み続けた。最小に読んだページで、 「そして、一瞬置き去りにしたオレンジを再び手に取ると踵を返した。」 なんか。。変に気になった。読み返した。 あ!そっか!その「踵」が、ふりがな付いたまま、書いてあったんだ! Coincidence?